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Appointed from the story of "Malin Kundang" In a village which was named the village Sekarwangi, stay a child and mother were given the name of Darwin. Their life is very simple. Darwin is only the mother works as a search of wood in the forest, while Darwin ibunya.Meskipun only help them live a simple, but they are happy because they are always grateful with what they have now. One day when Darwin are watching television in the neighboring house, he saw television impressions that describe the rich. He was thinking, this is now his life will be better when he worked. Darwin and his mother to ask for permission to seek employment. "Mother, Darwin will be looking for work so that we can live better. Allow the mother! "Said Darwin while crying. "Where will you find a job?" "In this village, Bu!" "Okay. The mother. " Darwin was to find a job, to him it is a job that suited her. Darwin but a year of work, his life is not kunjung improved. He ask his mother for permission to seek work in the city. "Mother, we are not living also improved. Darwin ask the mother to allow Darwin to find a job in the city! " "Do not be my son. Mother does not want much from you. Mother is quite happy with our lives now. " "But the mother, our lives will be more fun if we have a lot of money. Not at this time we are always short of money? " "Happiness is not the money gained from Darwin!" "Ayolah mother! Please allow Darwin to the city!" After the forced some time, eventually allowing the mother Darwin Darwin to go to the city. Darwin morning bribe-wear clothing that will be brought to the city. He also brought supplies secukupnya to journey to the city. With a sad heart, the mother of his son Darwin release pullout. "Mother, Darwin went to the city first. Darwin will often go home to visit mother. Mother Pray that success in the city of Darwin! " "Yes son. Mendoakanmu.Hati mother will always be careful! "Mrs. Darwin crying. Darwin nod slowly. Sesampainya in the city, Darwin felt confused. He does not know what to dikerjakannya now. He sat under a tree while thinking big, he was not aware that the danger came mendekatinya. Darwin bag containing the money and clothing was taken by thieves. Darwin ran pursue the thieves while yelling. When on the road to Darwin did not realize that there is currently a car pass. Darwin was a car crash. Luckily the owner of the car better, so that would be responsible. Darwin fed and taken to hospital. While aware of Darwin, Darwin told car owners who have menabraknya that he came to town to find work. In fact the car owner was a plantation owner in the city. Pak Jaka name And finally Darwin ditawari for work in the plantations. Darwin after work in the plantation, he can get enough money. He often send money to his mother in the house. But Darwin did not look in Darwin because his mother is very happy with their jobs. A year passed, Darwin could eventually collect enough money. He asks for permission to pack Jaka that he will berwirausaha. Darwin to establish a small food stalls. Originally established food stalls Darwin only one, but because so many customers, Darwin eventually establish a large restaurant and there are in many places. Darwin has now become the rich. Home eat well everywhere. He also has a wife who is also beautiful and rich. Darwin while having fun with kekayaannya, an elderly woman was sitting up while weak roof-roof houses perforated. Emaciated bodies. At the heart are waiting for someone who had pledged to him to go home often. When a Darwin will eat up a home in the village of his mother. He came to see the locations that will be established using the restaurants and the luxury car with his wife. People who see the village Darwin drive luxury, immediately went to the home of the mother of Darwin. They want to let you know that Darwin has come to the village again. "Bu Bu Inah ... ... Inah Darwin home Bu. Darwin luxury car ride home! " "Is Pak?" "Yes. He is there now! " Darwin mother very happy. He immediately ran to find his son. Sesampainya at the destination, the mother called her son Darwin with loud voice, "Darwin!" Darwin turned to the sound of the call. "Mother." Darwin said slowly. "What is Darwin? He is your mother? You poor child? "Said the wife of Darwin. Darwin ashamed to say that his wife, an old woman in front of it is his mother. Darwin's wife was suspicious. He continues to coax her husband said that honest, but still said that Darwin old woman is not his mother. Darwin would drive out and snap his mother. "Who are you! Dare-beraninya confess as my mother! My mother is not the rich sepertimu. Go! " Mother Darwin attitude surprised to see her son, "Son I am really your mother! Truly, my son! "He stood in front of Darwin while crying. But it still does not recognize Darwin. "Go!" Rave Darwin. Darwin angry mother. He said that Darwin ago will be unlucky. "You will be ill-fated son!" Said the mother of Darwin while away from that place. Darwin was surprised with the words of his mother. He would like to apologize, but he was still embarrassed with his wife, the wife of Darwin looks nervous. After you have finished viewing location will be built at home eat, Darwin continue to travel back to her home. Sesampainya on the road, Darwin feel sleepy. Eyes can not concentrate. He does not realize that in front of a truck. Kecelakaanpun not avoid. Darwin and his wife died instantly. On the roof of a house-roof was perforated, it appears an old woman was sitting crying while weak. Perasaannya not good.

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